ABOUT SubbieNet

SUBBIENET is a transport and logistics business operating countrywide with the sole purpose of sourcing transport work for black-owned and empowered transport companies. It comprises of a network of transporters that are affiliated to SUBBIENET and spread across the country in different industries. SUBBIENET offers services, benefits and products that small and medium transporters would normally not attain when operating in isolation.

SUBBIENET ONLINE (Our Transporter Management System) is a portal that gives both customers and transporters a platform for order generation, acceptance and execution. Through this system, we can guarantee our customers lower rates and also ensure that our transporters utilise their assets efficiently and maximise their revenue and profits.


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Safety of our fellow employees and the preservation of the environment is our priority.

We are ethical people committed to honesty in the business environment.

Communication and sharing of information.

Embracing our diversity enriched by honesty, sharing, trust, teamwork and involvement.

Promoting individual and team capabilities to achieve innovative and superior outcomes.

Enhancing the quality of life for our employees, their families and to promote self - esteem.


SubbieNet is a professionally run business that has been serving the needs of the South African transport industry for the past 5 years. We are an independent, specialist transport and logistics company, and we provide a flexible and customised service to MEET the strategic demands and challenges of the industry. One of our main objectives is to provide a reliable trading platform for customers and transport partners.


To partner with our clients, service providers, transporters and stakeholders to ensure mutually beneficial business relations that impact society in a positive manner.


To grow SubbieNet into one of the leading transport and logistics company, representative of the dynamics of South African business environment.