Does SubbieNet own trucks?

We are a network of transporters; our role is to provide our member transporters with an opportunity to grow and expand their individual businesses. If we were to own trucks, it would be in contradiction to our goal of providing a secure and sustainable business platform. We do not want to compete with our members, we want to enable our members to do more business.

What does SubbieNet transport?

As mentioned, we are not transporters. The members of SubbieNet are the transporters, who have a vast configuration of trucks and trailers that are able to transport any load over 10 tons.

What can SubbieNet do for a Transport Member Company?

As a network of transporters, we publish a list of available loads on our web based system (www. Clients post their RFQs for loads and our members choose the loads they wish to bid on. These bids are then passed on to our clients for them to decide which bidder they would like to use.

What is the benefit of being a SubbieNet member?

We are a 100% black owned company with a Level 1 BEE rating, thus ensuring that we have access to the top clients nationwide. We have used our member numbers to negotiate better prices and services for our members. E.g. Reduced Insurance, Diesel, Afrit, Iveco , Trentyre & Finance deals, etc.

How can I be sure that I will get paid?

All payments will be handled by Miranda Vermaas, our attorneys, who will handle all payments via an Escrow account. This means that transporter members get paid first, and SubbieNet will be paid afterwards. Our system is also integrated to SAP to assure our clients and transporters a piece of mind when it comes to operations, invoicing, & accounting integrity.

How does Subbienet Make money?

Subbienet charges a commission of 8.5% on quoted rates by Transporter. This commission is not deducted from Transporter quotes, but added on the transporter quote. This ensures that the transporter gets paid exactly what they quoted. We are empowering transporters to be price givers, not price takers. We also charge a membership fee to cover our running costs, Head Office, Branch costs and salaries of our 85 Business Development Representatives across the country.

Is there real value in the proposition?

Due to the fact that SubbieNet has nationwide exposure, you have more opportunity for bidding on and securing back loads for your vehicles. Our transporters get access to more loads and our clients get cheaper rates due to the benefits of operating a transport network.